substance abuse treatment

recovery program

Addiction, especially alcohol and drug addiction, is tearing apart many lives and families in our community.

Set yourself free at Bluebird House

Here at Bluebird House, our aim is to deliver affordable, accessible and responsive quality care within our community and for our community by providing alcohol and drug treatment for those who want and need help. 

Our program is voluntary, with no locks or restraints. Allowing the individual the freedom to choose within our boundaries. Dependence is not caused by moral failing or a lack of willpower. Nor is it a simple thing to overcome, however it can be overcome and even seemingly hopeless situations can be completely turned around. 

Success begins with walking in the door and we want to light a path at the crossroad for people who are seeking help and professional support to create a new life.

A team of volunteers and experienced professionals came together and formed Bluebird House – a not-for-profit facility aimed at supporting those in need of help and treatment, in a practical and positive way. Bringing an to end their active addiction and addressing their rehabilitation needs, whilst living in a 12 Step, therapeutic community.